Friday, November 15, 2013

Ever think about kegging? A little how-to can be found here

A friend had a good deal on some used kegging equipment, and while we were going to wait for Christmas to "upgrade" to kegging, the opportunity seemed good.  I drive home the other night with keg, CO2 tank, regulator, hoses, attachments, etc.  Hmm, how does it work?

Of course, it's not rocket science, but I knew little of how it all worked, what parts were involved or what they were even called..  It's a new thing for me.

So I went to another friend YouTube and spent several hours this week watching videos on kegging.  Some good, some bad, some so shaky that they'll make you ill just watching

Craig Tube, as he calls himself has a series which I've found helpful.  He tends to keep it simple and I like how he talks about how to do it while at the same time actually doing it.  Check out the 4 part series (I still need to get through some of these).

Word of caution: Like all things, don't trust solely on what Craig has to say.  Check out other sources and compare what you hear with what others say as well as what your own common sense tells you.  Everyone has a different method, and most actually are pretty good.  Inevitably some could be called "better" than others, but those distinctions may or may not be so clear.  One persons "better" is another persons "different".  Keep it fun and keep it real.

Happy kegging!

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