My family once challenged me to go a single day without talking about beer.  I failed.  "Face it, you're obsessed," my wife told me.  My son was quick to agree.  While the family clearly sees this "obsession" as some sort of personality disorder, I see it quite differently.  It's an opportunity!  My beer obsession is an opportunity for me to learn, experience, explore, create, make friends, talk about, and share all things beer.

I enjoy beer.  I like to drink it, like to brew it, like to talk about it, to read about it, to try different styles and experience the vast differences among those styles.

In 2013 I founded the Brew Club of Seminole County, which has turned into a fantastic group of enthusiastic home brewers.  The love of the craft and enjoyment of making new beers and new friends has shown the truth in our "better when we brew together" motto.  Oh, and I've won a handful of Homebrew competition awards.

My hope is to be a resource for those inclined to better understand and more fully appreciate craft beer and brewing.  So stick around, browse the blog, come back often and be sure to tell all your friends about it.  This is Dunerbrew!

I can be contacted at Darren AT dunerbrew DOT com or on Twitter @Galileosbane.  (This twitter account is a sanctuary to me and one place where I say what I really want while remaining somewhat anonymous.  I am unapologetic about what is said on Twitter.  If you know me and can't handle it, then please don't follow me...seriously.  I reserve the right to block you.)

Check out also the Facebook page for Dunerbrew.  On Instagram, username dunerbrew.