Resources and Links

Dunerbrew Resources:

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, by Charlie Papazian
How To Brew, by John Palmer
Designing Great Beers, by Ray Daniels
Brewing Classic Styles, by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer
Extreme Brewing, by Sam Calagione
Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher
Radical Brewing, by Randy Mosher
The Oxford Companion to Beer, Garrett Oliver
Yeast, by Chris White with Jamil Zainasheff
For the Love of Hops, by Stan Hieronymus

Beer Blogs/Friends:
Anti-Hero Brewing - Vinny is a Twitter friend and fellow homebrewer and blogger.
Beer Geek Nation - This guy is seasoned in blogging about homebrewing and beer reviews.  Very good information, mostly video based.
Beer Geek Speak - The most knowledgeable beer geek I know, personal friend, and colleague.
Bionic Brewing - Brewing friend Gary.  We've managed to help each other greatly in the hobby.  Check out his logo.
Daily Beer Review - I've gotten to know Beer Drinker Rob through Twitter.  He's graciously allow me to be a Guest Review on his site 4 times now.
Deland Craft Beer Festival Home of the Mad Monk's Mash-up competition.
Dunerbrew Facebook Page (Be sure to Like the page.)

Brew Club of Seminole County
Volusia County Home Brewers Guild

Abbey, Deland
Buster's Bistro, Sanford
EPCOT, Lake Buena Vista (Yep, we are there a lot.)
Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe, Sanford
Mermaid Juice Naneaux Brewery, Mt. Dora
Sanford Homebrew Shop, Sanford
Tomoka Brewery, Ormond Beach
World of Beer, Lake Mary
World of Beer, Port Orange

Know your beer styles at the Beer Judge Certification Program site.

American Homebrewers Association
Brewers Association

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