Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Art of the Beer Label competition, Mad Monk's and more. Don't miss this!

Each year the Deland Craft Beer Festival gets bigger and better.  2013 marked the year the event spilled out into the entire week and introduced a new moniker, Deland Craft Beer Week.  The organizers of the 2014 Week seem determined to step it up once again.  Along with the daily events of the Deland Craft Beer Week, two new competitions have been introduced.

I'll start with the most recent introduction...the Art of the Beer Label competition.  For all the artists out there, this is a chance to get creative and show your best work at a beer label.  Check it out here.  I have a few ideas of my own for this one.

Art of the Beer Label Competition (click to go to the page)

Even more exciting is the Mad Monk's Mash-up!  This is an upgrade to the previously held homebrewing competitions at the event.  In the past years there were two competitions for homebrewers to enter surrounding the Deland Craft Beer Festival.  Each year a Valentine's Inspired beer could be entered, with the winner selected by the People's Choice at the event on Saturday.  The other brewing competition was based around a rotating beer style each year.  Last year was Porter.  2012 was IPA.

The style-based competition has grown into presumably the only officially sanctioned Belgian Style BJCP competition...in the world.  It no longer is just a local competition, but rather an "official" competition, with the potential reach of the entire nation.  Official BJCP Judges will be excited for the opportunity to judge in another new competition.  And winners can claim themselves Monk Queen (or King)!  (Ha ha, I just made that up.)

Based on the Style Guidelines, Categories 16, 17 and 18 will be eligible, along with the specialty categories of 20, 21 and 22C, with the base beer associated with a style in 16, 17 and 18.  Can you enter a smoked porter?  No.  A Pumpkin Witbier...yes (if you wanted to).

(And yes the Valentine's competition will remain as the People's Choice Award.)

Check out more information here.

Also, remember to refer back to the post about entering competitions from this site before you make your final entry decisions.

So get your creative minds in gear and create a label and a beer (or more) for the competitions associate with this fine event!  And we'll see you in February!  (if not sooner)  Cheers!

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