Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food & Wine Festival

We made it down to Epcot for the opening day of the 2013 International Food and Wine Festival.  As always, it's a good time.  We are happy to have annual passes, because there is just no way to see it all and experience it all in one day.  This will be our 4th consecutive year of enjoyment, where we've planned and scheduled around time to attend.  The new "destinations" are where we will begin, to see what they have, and then there are always some of the favorites.

But let me slow down.  What is this Festival of which you speak?  How does it work?  What might I expect?

Ah, I can help with some of that.  Disney's Epcot consists of two sections, the Future World, with attractions and rides themed around life in this future Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT).  The International Gateway will take you country's section of Epcot, where the 11 featured countries are situated around a lake, with the walkway making a complete loop.

Starting counterclockwise (turn to your right and walk) you will find Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, America, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico.  For the Festival, additional little buildings line the pathway, each offering food and beverage selections based on the theme of that Destination.  Lines form, to purchase the items, usually small selections ranging from $3.00 - $7.50 each.  You will pay, then take your receipt to the counter where they will hand you your food.

Little tables are set up throughout the park.  Walk up to a table, and take a few minutes to enjoy your treat.  There are a lot of options at the more than 40 Destinations.  The complete official list can be found here.

This site featured previews to the Beers at the festival.  Check out also 2013 Food and Wine Festival Beer Preview, and the Classic International Styles in Part two.  And while you are at it, check out Part Three, about Craft Beers.  There are some good items here with Craft Beers, but all in all it is more Crafty than Craft.  I guess it isn't easy being a small guy and getting into a big event like this.

I need to break out the Craft Beers into the true categories.  But I don't want to jump into spoiling the least not just yet.  Know this, you are doing well when you support Cigar City and Dogfish Head.

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