Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What can I say? The place is good to me.

A new location has been added to the list. To which list do I refer?  I could call it the "Relative Time and Space" list.  This is the list of places in which time becomes somewhat blurry ("timey wimey stuff").  When I go to such a place the expected return times are rather, should we say, relative.

My wife keeps a list of such places.  Here is an example.  "Honey, I'm going to stop by the Brewshop.  I just have to pick up one thing.  It'll take about 5 minutes."  This has been translated to mean, "I'll see you in about an hour...and a half."  And why?  Because they are good to me at the Sanford Homebrew Shop.  I get to talking beer and brewing and the time simply melts away.

The new addition to the list?  ABC Fine Wine & Spirits in Lake Mary.  I get there, and from the beginning the sheer amount of craft beer choices almost puts me into a decision coma.  What is worse, if I begin talking with the Manager about the newest craft beer additions or to a Distributor behind his/her sampling table, then heaven help us all.  Might as well plan on the dinner getting cold.

We've been married a long time, and she is a smart woman.  "Honey, I'm stopping by ABC on my way home."  She has learned this means to add another 30-40 minutes to my commute time.  What can I say, the place is good to me.

And yesterday was no exception.  It's a good thing I had a coupon...too many good finds from which to choose. (Sadly, I did have to leave some behind.)

Oh, there is a coffee stout missing from the photo.  That was my penance of sorts.

Life is short, talk about and drink good beer!

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