Saturday, July 6, 2013

Side Project - Logo Design

If you frequent this site, you will know the author finds enjoyment in creating labels for the beers brewed.  Design and art is something I've always liked and for which, quite possibly, I have a knack.

Several opportunities have presented themselves to put this creativity to work, outside of the beer brewing, and quite frankly outside of my full time job too.

This first story is related in part to my full time job, as the "client" is and was first a customer of my full time employment.  He owns a tree service business, and is also heavily involved with a non-profit organization.

The organization is called Entrust: Partners in Enterprise, and through trips to countries like the Honduras and Haiti, their objective is to provide education and coaching to local business in these countries.  The result of this business training is the building of profitable businesses, which will then provide employment in these struggling communities.  This in tern stimulates the local economies.  We can ask for money to be donated to these underprivileged countries, or we can spend time helping the businesses create value.  It's like the old saying, give a person a fish or teaching him/her how to fish.

I was browsing their site one evening and saw the need for graphic designers.  I sent an email to my contact, who replied that he indeed had a project.  There was a beauty salon in the Honduras who needed some new branding.  He sent a photo of an old sign outside of the business.  This company needed a new logo and a new sign.  Into action I sprung.

A second opportunity came from the need of a street juice vendor company, who also needed a logo.  The logo would be used on stickers he would affix to his mobile juice carts.  Supplied only a sketch of what he previously had used, I began to design away.

At the end of the day, both of these business owners were happy and I had the privilege to assist.  Plus, now I have the claim of an multinational logo designer.

Check out Evan's organization Entrust.

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