Monday, June 3, 2013

The latest brew: American Pale Ale

Ready for the Fourth of July?  This beer will be!  We are looking for a refreshing, hoppy aroma, easy drinking American Pale Ale.

For each of the last several years, Independence Day has been celebrated at the Beach with good friends, soaking up the sun, waves, a few food brews and an old fashion southern boil.  With the finale of amatuer fireworks on the beach. I've managed to secure our invite first by helping in the kitchen and now by bringing the beer also.  Homebrewed beer!  We've achieved lifetime invites!

Ah, beer!  Last year I brewed an extract with specialty grains pale ale and this year it will be an all grain. There is nothing more real (and freeing) than formulating your own recipe and starting with grain, hops, water and then boiling it.  Add some yeast and watch it come to life as the yeast creates an amazing beverage.

So what is under the hood of this new concoction?  American two row pale ale malt base with crystal 60 and crystal 15.  7 lbs base, .75 crystal 60 and .25 crystal 15.... And that is it for the grain.

Hops...bittering, .5oz Centennial for 60 minutes. flavor ... .25oz Centennial at 30 minutes. Aroma... .5oz Mosaic and .25oz Centennial at flameout. The remaining .5oz Mosaic will dry hop after two weeks.

Final volume 4 gallons.
OG 1.05
IBU 41.65
Expected FG 1.013
Expected ABV 4.9%

For those counting, this is my 27th batch of homebrewed beer.


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