Friday, May 31, 2013

Is anything new brewing this weekend?

I'm sure there is, but not around here. We are busy with graduation and parties and all that other good stuff which accompanies the end of the school year, at least when married to a teacher at a small community school.

Oh, the APA will still be bubbling away and the mead will add another few days to its aging.  The Barleywine will age some more as well.  But nothing new  to brew for at least another week or two.

So what is on the horizon?  A Saison, for one. And I'd like to concoct a Tripel recipe for my 30th brew. It seems fitting perhaps.

Speaking of the 30th brew... I've kept a notebook on each recipe, but started to slack on it lately. I went back and counted and realized I've brewed 27 different beers in the course of a year and a half. Dang!  I'm not quite the newbie anymore.

So, number 28 will be the Saison (which was also my first all grain brewed style) and number 29 should be something malty and dark (to keep the wife interested). And a Tripel for number 30. Sounds like a plan.

What are you brewing?

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