Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hoptimum Review

Beer Drinker Rob has been gracious to post my nonsense every now and again on his website. Actually, there hasn't been a review I've submitted which he hasn't posted.  (He may have reservations about the next one however.)

I'll admit, I had reservations myself about submitting this one.  Instead of a thorough edit, I decided to let it remain close to its initial state.  Anyone can write something and make it sound intelligent.  And sometimes it's evident that people try to hard to sound intelligent.  What I like is when people are real.

Rob's style is conversational and down to earth, not overly verbose or technical. Real reviews for real people...which I like. I frequent his site

And now you should too, especially to read my latest review of the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Comments are welcome.

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