Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maibock recipe and label art

This was a simple recipe and about 4 months later, it is starting to come into its own.  It took a long time to carbonate in the bottle, and with the all extract (yeah, I know) recipe I had some reservations about it from the beginning.

Here is the full story, as described earlier... Part 1 and the Post when bottled.

It is drinkable (actually not too bad), and seems to improve with age, so it's about time to make a label for it.  And it needs a name.  Everyone knows a Maibock should have a name with a play on words for "My" or "back" or something like "Gimme My beer Bock Maibock."  Or...

 Maibock My Homebrewed Lager.  A nice name.  The recipe can be found here on Hopville.  I'll also post on the Recipes Page on this blog.

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