Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Local Paper writes about our Brew Club

I received an email the other week from a reporter, stating that he was tasked to do a story on local homebrewing and homebrewers.  He came across our Facebook group and then visited this blog.  He asked if I'd mind an interview and if the photographer could come by for some photos.  I had to think long and hard before I answered...  (not really)

Homebrewers are often pleased at the opportunity to talk about the craft and their love for good beer, and I am no exception to that rule.  "Absolutely!" I said.

The story was first in the online addition here in the Seminole Chronicle. The next day I was able to find a copy in one of the little blue boxes.

Story highlighted on the Frond page, above the fold.
Front page of Lifestyle Section, brewing in my garage.
Photos of the inside of my refrigerator.  Recognize the labels?
We were all happy with the story.  It was great exposure for our still relatively new club.  Check out Brew Club of Seminole County.  Special thanks to Steven and Ed with Seminole Chronicle for the time and great write-up.  Part 2 should be in print this week.

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