Monday, March 4, 2013

More news on the Killian's pint glass saga

The other day we posted about the notice from MillerCoors stating that we indeed would not receive the free Killian's pint glasses.  It all started with notification of a giveaway, and like all good beer fans, I signed up to receive me free stuff.  For more on the story and the pertinent background, check this post out first.

It seems I get more important information from Reddit these days from any other source, and this was no different.  Someone noted that they sent a complaint email to MillerCoors, in response to the lack of free pint glasses available.  As a result, he received an email stating they would send a koozie and bottle opener.  Hey, I'll complaint too and test the system (why not).  So I did, and received this email the next morning (sent within 4 hours of my email of complaint).

Thank you for contacting MillerCoors.

We’re sorry that you’re upset.  We produced a specific number of pint glasses for the “Get Your St. Pat’s Pints” program, and we went through our supply much more quickly than anticipated, due to third-party websites publishing promotion codes outside the ordinary course of the promotion. Per the Terms and Conditions, we’re sending pint glasses to everyone who submitted their codes in time to take advantage of the offer.

We understand your frustration and hate to see you upset.  We’d like to send you a Killian’s bottle opener and koozie.  If you’re interested, please reply with your first and last name date of birth and mailing address.  We’ll only use this information to confirm you’re 21 and to send the opener and koozie to you. 


MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department
Public Relations at work.  If you don't care enough to express dissatisfaction, you don't get anything.  If you complain, you may just get something still.  (I think they call it the squeaky wheel theory.)  And supposedly some lucky people will get the original pint glasses we all signed up for.... but for me, I'll be happy with an opener (which I will use) and a koozie (which I most likely won't).

Cheers!  And an early thanks for MillerCoors for doing something.

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