Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Kinds of information available

With the internet all knowledge seems to be at your fingertips.  Why in the world would I think that a blog like this could add anything to the cacophony of information bouncing around on the web?  Well, good question.

Aside from the fact that blogging gives me an outlet to say cool words like "cacophony," it gives those interested in the topic a place to go to seek out pertinent information.  Plus, it gives me something to do.  It provides a place to catalog ideas, recipes, art, etc.  To talk about the wonderful topic of beer.

At times like this, ideas seem to become few and far between.  But don't worry, says I.  Soon new ideas will flow.  Soon new events will unfold, giving new ideas and new content.  For now... this is what I have.

The princess?  She's here?  We'll have to rescue her.

   What, princess?  Rescue?  I'm not going anywhere.

She's the one in the recording.  She's the one the droids belong to.  Look, a minute ago you didn't want to just sit around, and now you want to stay?   They are going to kill her.

   Better her than me!

She's rich.


Yeah, rescuing her, the reward would be..


Well far more than you can imagine!

  I don't know, I can imaging quite a bit.

You'll get it.

   I will?

You will.

   I better.

3PO, hand me those binders.   Here, I'm going to put these on you-

      Arggghhh Argggh

   It's OK Chewy, I think I know what he has in mind.

   Like I said, lots of information available.  Some is good.  And some...well, perhaps maybe so.  ;-)

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