Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Deland Craft Beer Festival wrap up, Part 2: Festival Highlights

 This year was the 4th annual for the event, and the largest to date.  Some highlights each year are the Vintage and Rare Beers table, and Cask Conditioned Ales.

Another highlight for the brewers out there is the Homebrew Competition.  Each year for this event there are two competitions.  The first is a style competition, this year's style was Porter.  Second is the Extreme Valentines Inspired Beer competition (a February event is close to Valentines Day).  And next year promises to take the competition to a whole new level... At least that what a little birdie told me.

Working hard all day, it was tough to take time out to drink (yeah right), but I did manage to sample a few.

 I was tough because with 2 Warehouses, close to 40 tables and over 200 beers, it is tough to chose which to drink next.  Life can be so cruel sometimes.

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