Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Shiner Holiday Cheer

The other week World Market had a special on their Winter Brews 9 pack...I think it was $9 or so with the coupon.  Overall it had a good selection, some of the beers were more holiday centered, while others just dark winter type ales.

It is time to try the Shiner Holiday Cheer.  Brewed at the Spoetzl Brewing in Shiner, TX, this ale is described as a Bavarian-Style Dark Wheat, with further description as an "ale brewed with peaches and pecans and with natural flavor and caramel color."  I understand the peaches pecans, but "natural flavor and caramel color.?"  Sounds more like something on a juice bottle.  Perhaps it's just a simple way to explain the beer flavors?

At any rate, upon opening this (twist off top) a nice festive aroma presents itself.  "It smells like Christmas!" my wife exclaimed.  I smelled the peaches mostly.  The flavor is smooth and malty (the peach aids to the smooth character as well), with a bright and rather dry finish.  The nutty tones in the finish are probably due to the pecans adding a little character.

The color is a nice deep golden amber.  Very clear, with little head retention.

It is an interesting beer, and I'm glad it is a special occasion type brew, as I found myself getting bored with it rather quick.  Overall it is a little sweet, and a slightly irritating tangy sweetness lingers in your mouth.  (Maybe I wasn't pairing the proper foods while drinking.)  If you too get bored, they have supplied a story about the beer on the rear label, which is an interesting read.

If you are sampling some holiday beers, its worth the try.  The peach is nice and has given me some ideas for homebrew experiments too, which it always worthwhile.

I'll finish this post as they do with their description... Prosit!

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