Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Days until Christmas

10 Days until Christmas and what did I do?  I shopped online for my wife's gifts, they should arrive by the 23rd.  I bottled my latest batch of beer, an Export Stout.  I watched my son aim for the target at his archery club.  Soon, I'll eat a dinner out and see The Hobbit in the theater.

I've watched the responses to the aftermath of the horrible killings in CT, with one side fighting for removal of guns, and the other twisting themselves in knots to explain how a good God could allow this to happen.  Another group seems to feel the need to "like" prayer vigil graphics and heart-retching try-to-feel-good stories of bravery.  Perhaps it's all in an attempt to give some meaning to the meaningless.  After all, we want a reason. 

Me?  I'm angry, sad, and have a desire to get all up in arms about the insanity of it all.  We tend to flock to a story, especially one of heartbreak.  I find myself biting my tongue.  I also seem to slow down a bit when with my family, to really see who they are and appreciate the bond we have (and try to improve upon it).

This holiday season has been busy and quick.  It will be over in just a few more weeks.  Our presents will be opened, dinners eaten, and beers drunk.  It will be different this year though.  I won't be able to get the thought out of my mind that somewhere in rural CT, there will be wrapped toys under the trees, which will never be opened, never be enjoyed, and families which will never be the same.

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