Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can we say goodbye to the Pumpkin Beers now?

It was August this year when the pumpkin beers first hit the shelves.  As July wains, I start to get excited about the autumn approaching (football, birthday, change in weather) and enjoy the thought of a pumpkin beer or two.

This year I tended to notice the marketing ploy with all the pumpkin beers.  It is a gimmick, and yet every good brewer needs one to stay in the game.  Some are better than others, and I want to think I'll continue to appreciate a few.  But the overkill...  And why would I want to purchase a pumpkin beer from a brewery I've never heard of?

This year, I've had 4 different pumpkin beers (I think).

  1. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  This was early to market this year.  I remember liking this much better last year.  Nice spice and flavor, but almost too much of it.  I'll take the high ABV though, and I enjoy most Weyerbacher beers.  Not bad overall.
  2. Punkin Ale, by Dogfish Head.  Perhaps the first true pumpkin beer, and this isn't overly pumpkiny.  At 7% ABV, it is worthwhile too.  DFH is one of my favorite breweries and I enjoy at least trying all of their stuff.
  3. The marketing got to me, and I purchased the 22oz Pumking, by Southern Tier.  This was a little more bitter and brighter in flavor overall (if I remember correctly) and it wasn't my favorite.  Perhaps I was down on it from the beginning.  After all, perception is reality.
  4. Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale.  Why not?  Sam Adams usually has nice seasonal brews and this was was actually pretty good too.
Happy Halloween, I guess.  And until next season, bye bye pumpkin beer.

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