Monday, October 6, 2014

New Homebrew Competition in Central FL

For Immediate Release.

Lake Mary, FL.  

The Brew Club of Seminole County presents SMash My *ss & Call Me Brewmaster, a new homebrew competition in Central Florida.
This is a Single Malt only and Single Hop only competition. Any style. Any combination. Any yeast. One Grain, One Hop. One grand winner.
Details: Entry Deadline is Dec 15, 2014.  Each entry will require two unlabeled 12oz bottles with the entry form attached with rubber band.  Be sure to include the $3 entry fee (cash only) with one of the two bottles.  Bring entries to the December Brew Club meeting or drop off at the Sanford Homebrew Shop.  The form can be found and downloaded from the Facebook Group page at the link here.
Recipe Requirements:  All recipes are to have one type of malt only (single malt) and one type of hop only (single hop).  Aside from these requirements, anything else goes.  Make something fantastic.
Judging will be loosely based according to the declared style.  Though not a BJCP competition, the judging criteria will be similar. 
Any questions or for a shipping address (if unable to deliver entries in person) email or call Darren U, competition coordinator,  at darrenATdunerbrewDOTcom.
Winners and awards will be announced at the January Brew Club meeting on January 8th 2015 (note this is not the normal scheduled first Thursday of the month, due to New Years Day.)

About Brew Club of Seminole County:  Brew Club was started in August 2013, and has quickly become a popular group of homebrewing enthusiasts.  Monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at Buster's Bistro in Sanford, averaging close to 30 members in attendance.  Club brew days are generally done quarterly, which have included a team competition and collaborative recipe used by multiple brewers to fill a 60 gallon used Jack Daniels Bourbon Barrel for true barrel aged group collaboration Barley Wine.  The club has participated in several Craft Beer events and festivals during its first year.  The Facebook group has become an the central point of communication of the group and an outlet for sharing, advise, coordinating meet-ups, and bolstering a strong group dynamic.

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