Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Neglect and invest: I'm doing both

The posts on this site have admittedly been few and far between lately. I know... It's been most disappointing.  I'm not one for excuses, so I'll save you the pain of reading through a litany of them. Instead, let's look at how my time has been invested while this site has been neglected.

Someone has to be the high school archery team coach, so why not me?  Instead of sitting in the office, for two afternoons a week I'm at the range. Instead of blogging in the evenings, I'm entering archery scores on the spreadsheet.  We are at the beginning still of this endeavor, with the first scrimmage under our belts and now the preparing for the official competitions.  My days end in fatigue. Fortunately the  nice afternoon Florida weather makes it great to be outside, yet it wipes you out as well.

We have a senior on the team and sports were never her thing. I've watched her fumble with the bow, unsure of what to do.  Every practice there is improvement. With practice she is becoming quite accomplished.

"I've never earned any awards in sports. I once played flag football and my grandfather told me that if I pulled a flag he would get me a milkshake.  I didn't get a milkshake," she explains.  "Once I got a trophy, but only because all who participated received a trophy."

We introduced the awarding and earning of pins today for achieving high scores.  It was amazing to see how this motivated the kids.  We've watched the arrows land nearer the center and with tighter groupings.  A little coaching can sure make a difference. A lot of kids scored their highest today, including our senior girl.  Her score qualified for one of the pins. She today has indeed earned a milkshake.  

This site may be neglected, but my time is being invested in the lives of some great kids.  


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