Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are you a Light Lager?

Passion, enthusiasm, energy.

Yawn.  Yeah, I've lived with a yawn in my life.  Going throughout the day to day, living with a rather dull outlook and doing what it takes to get through.  It's a yawn of a life.  I admit sometimes, I'm dull.  One may say I'm a Light Lager.

I have enough carbonation to get me through the day, with a few bubbles left toward the end.  The clarity in the beer reflects my masked faced and forced smiles, yet behind it is a watered down flavorless taste.  Looks good, but no substance.  Oh, I've got a degree and a few awards...kinda like the whole "triple-hopped" moniker.  But sometimes those things get lost in the mix (just some sort of marketing ploy) and often don't seem to matter much in the final product.  Oh, well...  the life of a Light Lager.

But, oh, how I wish I could be intense like a Stout, spirited like an IPA, lively like a Belgian Wit.  But, this life if tough and I'm just a Light Lager.

What did you say?  The three words at the top of the post?  Passion.  Enthusiasm.  Energy.  Oh, those are nice words.  It reminds me of when I was younger and had a different outlook on life.  I see those traits in my son.  But I'm just to old for that sort of childishness.

Did you know Colonel  Sanders started KFC when he was in his 60s?

Sometimes I lament those days when I was "goofy" and had wild ideas and crazy inspirations to do great things.  But we live in a world full of Light Lagers.  Yet, some of us have discovered some finer, different beers out there.  Is there life beyond the Light Lager?

Add some malt.  Add some hops.  Try different yeasts.  Get out there with some passion, enthusiasm and energy.  Can I be the beer I want to be?

I can be the beer I want to be!

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