Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bobec Hops?

The Iron Maiden beer says it has Bobec hops in it.  What is a Bobec hop?  Well, it turns out there is a hop called Bobek.  Another name is Styrian Golding B.  It's my understanding is that this hop is a hybrid of Norther Brewer and some other unknown variety.  It is grown in the Republic of Slovenia.  More information can be found on the website for the company.  I bet this is the hop to which the bottle refers.

Perhaps I just don't know any different, and there really is a hop called Bobec (with a C).  Or perhaps they have a typo on the label.  Ooohhh.
Bobec - far right side, third line down in the black section.
I like the beer.  Dry hop bitterness, and the touch of late addition Cascade give is a little extra.  Did I write about this before?  I think so...  Sounds familiar.

Oh yeah, here.  Check it  out.

By the BJCP Style Guidelines (2008), this beer would classify as either a Special Bitter or an Extra Special/Strong Bitter.  The label calls it a "Premium British Beer" which could sum it up as well.  Interestieng to note that for both these styles it mentions the growing use of American hops in these styles.  Of course, I'm referring again to the use of Cascade hops.  It's fascinating at least to this beer nerd, if for nobody else.  Adding a touch of citrus/fruity aroma and flavor (I'm sure the Cascade was't used for bittering) to the normal more earthy or green flavors of the British hops, like the Goldings and Fuggles.  After a little browsing and reading posts related to Bobek, I get the sense that lemon, lime, and/or pine seem to be included in the flavor profile.  It's interesting that the site from the company that grows Bobek doesn't describe the flavor more...unless I just missed it somewhere.


While Iran Maiden can rock!  They can also make a decent traditional English Style ale.  And back to the original dilemma.  Can they spell?

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