Thursday, September 19, 2013

Are you tired of pumpkin this and pumpkin that yet? Read this.

Here a beer, there a beer, everywhere a pumpkin beer.  It's not even October and the pumpkin thing has already been beat to death.  Years ago I remember thinking that I liked pumpkin beers, and that drinking them (and liking them) was the cool thing to do.  It showed you were truly into the whole seasonal beer thing.  Autumn is my favorite time of year and the release of pumpkin beers falls right in line with all those things I like about Autumn (football, my birthday, cooler weather, leading to Thanksgiving and then the holiday season.)

Last year I remember being so excited for the approaching autumn.  I was at the beer store and the pumpkin beers stacked high on the shelves, and then realized it was still August.  Too early!  Way too early.  And then from there the rest of the year flew by.  I still don't know where it went.

This year, I'm approaching the Autumn cautiously, and with eyes open wide.  I want to savor my favorite time of the year.  Pumpkin beers are still everywhere (and arrived in August again), but I'm more selective on what I choose to drink.  I'm not about to waste money on crap pumpkin beers.  Only the top notch and a few of the ones I've been known to enjoy in the past.

So far, I've drank the following.  (And all in September.  I refused to drink pumpkin anything before September.)
  • Terrapin Pumpkinfest - This was on tap at the new "Growler Station" at the local ABC store. (more about that to come.)  A nice beer.  I like the idea of pumpkin and a Marzen-Oktoberfest all in one.
  • Cigar City Good Gourd - This one came and went fast.  I had to jump on the chance to purchase a 22oz bottle.  Very nice.  Imperial in style and one to drink slowly and enjoy.
  • Dogfish Head Punkin - It's balanced, not too spicy or pumpkiny.  I like the Dogfish Head and this will be one to get each year.
That is it.  No Shipyard on the list.  No off brand crap on the list.  No Pumpking on the list (sorry Pumpking fans).  Oh, and there is one other that I will drink this year.  Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin.  I've enjoyed this one in the past and I see it is on tap at the Growler Station.  I will fill my growler with this one (if it is still there in there in the next day or two.)

And this post was initially going to be about my Pumpkin Porter recipe.  Yes, smashing on the pumpkin beers and yet brewing my own.  Oh, well.  Deal with it!

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