Friday, August 2, 2013

Music Break

While I don't drink beer everyday, I do listen to music everyday.  There are 4 things I don't go without when I leave the house.  My keys, wallet, phone, and iPod.

Yes, I'm the guy who still listens on an iPod.  The 16GB on my iPhone are nearly enough to hold the music I need to carry.  After all, you never know what mood you'll be in at any given moment.

I listen at work, I listen in the car, and I listen while I doze off to sleep at night.  I like music.  Some songs are profound, some make me think, some soothe while other invigorate.

Alice is able to do most all of that, all in his own unique way.  This song makes me laugh.  ...and it's about something else I don't go a day without.

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