Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homebrewing & Craft Beer - Yeah, it really is this cool!

Well, we have yet to plan a vacation around craft beer... at least not completely...yet.

I found a video which inspired this post.

What is at the heart of homebrewing and craft beer obsession?  My quick answer.  Taste, passion, artistry, community.  And that may be somewhat of a chronology.

The realization of tasty beers turns into a passion for the different styles and knowledge of those beers.  Brewing brings in the artistry of creating such wonders.  With brewing come opportunities to further develop insights into ingredients, flavors, etc. (it's like discovering what is under the hood).  Finding like-minded people from which to learn and share completes the process, or it actually helps to begin the process again, but in a much more profound way.  Face it, we as humans thrive in community.

This is at least the way it happened for me.  I started off as the Lone Brewer-wanna-be, just under two years ago.  Wow, and two weeks exactly from today will be the first meeting of the new Brew Club I created.  (I find it hard to take the credit, but really it wouldn't have happened without initiating a few conversations, obtaining commitments, forming the Facebook Group, and them making some initial fliers.)  Check it out!  Brew Club of Seminole County

OK, you've read that.  Now watch this.  It really is this cool!

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