Friday, June 14, 2013

My blog post from two years ago today.

I spent a few minutes rummaging through some old blog posts and I came across this one, from June 14, 2011.  (Not on this site, but another blog platform.)

Looking back, I wonder how to best measure ways I've progressed since.  Or have I?

I have almost completed the fourth book of what my wife calls my "Summer Reading" list.  My list is quite themed, and I'm not sure of the original reason behind it...other than the books interest me and I find myself clicking the Kindle page forward button until late into the night.
The list began with Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir, followed by Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock by Sammy Hagar.   Lots of rock 'n roll, girls, drugs, alcohol, highs, lows... exciting stuff!  I though it would mellow out a bit with Eric Clapton's autobiography next, but he was just as interesting.  The most difficult thing in all this is to figure out who did the most drugs, drank the most alcohol or shagged the most groupies.  As I've always said about celebrities, "they are not normal people."
Yet, as crazy as their lifestyles may seem to a "normal" hard working American like myself, there is something I envy in each of these guys.  No, not the drugs, sex, fame, fortune, or even a Ferrari or two in the driveway (well maybe the Ferrari).  It excites me that they actually did something extraordinary.  They had a dream and chased it.  They had a talent and maximized it.  They went into the world and conquered it.  And me... I get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, check out my social networking sites, read, go to bed and then start it all over again.  And it all seems much too ordinary.  I want more!
I need to find my dream again, chase something bigger, conquer another mountain, and maximize my time here.  Great! Go! Just do it!  Easily said...
I keep reading.  I am now toward the end of I Am Ozzy, and I must say Ozzy is far from the normal bloke.  Some crazy stories, Ozzy tells.
I get tired of normal.  To become extraordinary, we've got to get beyond just the ordinary.  Perhaps I'll find my way someday, and in the meantime I'm reading.... and enjoy some good music.
What is my passion?  What is your passion?  And what are we doing about it?  Hmm.

Rock On!!!

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