Friday, June 28, 2013

Another blog post from two years ago - Grab their attention right away

All I had to do was push start and all my headaches would go away.  Tumble tumble reeouwww reouwww!!!  Was it my lucky day?  The cat that I hate the most, the orange one, was sitting in the washing machine, minding his own business.  Now's my chance!  Slam the door and push start.
There are many ways to start a speech (or a blog post for that matter).  There is a sure way to gain interest from the listeners... Grab their attention right away.  Get right into a story.  Say something shocking.  Say something strange.
Never start with a joke.  If is sucks, you will suck.  Never apologize.  Some will start a speech with something like, "I'm a bit nervous" or "I'm not a good speaker."  Well duh, nor will you ever be.  If you think you are no good, they will never think otherwise.\
The same can apply to writing.  If you don't gain and keep their attention, you will lose the reader.

Think about it next time. 
(short, sweet and no filler fluff)

And that was the blog post from two years ago today.  It has nothing to do with beer.  Dang!

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