Saturday, April 13, 2013

What is brewing now?

There is always something in the works around here. Ee've got nothing new coming through this weekend... At least not yet.  Only a few in the process presently.

Let's see, in the temp controlled refrigerator we have the Barleywine which is in tertiary fermentation, if there is a word for it. Two weeks in primary, then racked to secondary and added bourbon soaked oak chips for two weeks, then racked to the carboy in which it now sets. I forget the brew day on it at the moment, but want to bottle at about 3 months, then age for at least 3 more ( or 6). Realistically it aught to be good around the holidays.

Also there is the newest IPA in secondary. This last Monday evening I racked to secondary after a week in primary. I washed and cultivated the yeast (Wyeast Aemrican Ale II) so now I have two ball jars ready too go on the next two brews. This will bottle next weekend and be ready to drink for the May 4th Dunerbrew IPA tasting event.

There is 3 gallons of the IPA. Another half gallon racked to a single gallon carboy, in which I added 1.5 cups of honey and a packet of champagne yeast.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I'll have to research to see how much more alcohol the honey will give to the beer. Plus it will probably be a lot drier than the beer alone would be.  1.012 gravity at the time.

And finally, I purchased yeast nutrient and activator, along with yeast for making a high gravity cider. I just need the juice and brown sugar... And another carboy in which to place it.  I want to start with 2 gallons of juice, so the 5 gallon carboy will be too big for this.

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