Saturday, April 6, 2013

I won't let the enthusiasm fade

Awesome! A beautiful, delicious awesomeness is what it is. Maybe I'm over dramatic, but when you realize this started as nothing more that's a few simple raw ingredients, and resulted in something close to wonderful, it's hard not to get excited.

It tastes great, is well balanced and quite refreshing. Nice natural carbonation, light in color and light in body, this is a nice beer. Notice the clarity in the photo below. It's almost magical.

It is magical indeed to the extent that the natural transformations are not understood. This magic and beauty can be reduced to the scientific principles of starch conversion, the alpha acids in the hops, and the fact that microbes die in boiling water, among other things. There is no magic in it, yet it is still alright to enjoy it and be amazed....for what it is. A natural phenomena and nothing really magical at all.


What??? ;-)

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