Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two great things that go great together

What could it be?  Beer and Metal music, of course.  It seems Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson is a fan of craft beer.  The rock and metal worlds are abuzz about the new video released by Iron Maiden, featuring lead singer Bruce Dickinson.  It seems the band partnered with Robinsons Brewery to come up with this new beer call the Trooper.

Here are several links to the story the Rock world at Classic Rock MagazineMetal Hammer, Metal Insider and Fox News, (watch too much and you'll want to bang you head).

The label says 4.8% ABV.  My question is this.  Why not 6.66% ABV?  If I were Iron Maiden and decided to make a beer, I'd make sure it had 6.66% ABV.  Just sayin.

Not sure when of if we in America will get the chance to try this one.  But here's to hoping.

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