Thursday, March 7, 2013

Newest label and a revision

Frequent readers will know I've experimented with a couple of Single Malt and Single Hop beers (SMaSH).  And of course, every beer needs a label and name.

The latest label was designed for the Mild Malt and Simcoe SMaSH.  But first...

I felt the simplicity of the recipes for these beer would find a good counterpart in the the complexity and technological aspects of Steampunk.  Clocks, gears, all the detailed inner-workings partnered together to achieve a single outcome.  It contrasts well with a simple recipe, with just a few ingredients, combining to create a complex gastronomic experience.  If it all sounds like a bunch of fluffy feelgood artsy stuff, well... it is.

With names inspired by a recent progressive rock concept album, let me first introduce Clockwork Universe.

And this SMaSH's counterpart, with the Maris Otter malt and Centennial hops, has been revised and named Thinking Big.

The Thinking Big is chilling now, ready for the two week trial.  Clockwork Universe is in primary fermentation presently.

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