Monday, February 11, 2013

Deland Craft Beer Festival wrap up, Part 1: Working the festival.

Volusia County Homebrewers Guild.  Look at all those homebrews!
If I haven't said it here before, I'll say it now.  Volunteering at a Craft Beer Festival is the best way to be part of a beer festival.  It is a great opportunity to talk beer, serve beer, drink beer, make friends, etc.

As part of the Volusia County Homebrewers Guild, I have the opportunity to volunteer.  We have a table/booth set up and serve our homebrewed beer, helping to spread the word about the quality of homebrew.  Whats more, I can bring my own beer to serve to craft beer lovers.  What is there not to love about that?

My part of the weekend started on Friday night, where we helped sort and hang the identification signs for the tables and breweries represented.  I couldn't make it to the event early on Saturday, but hung around and helped disassemble the kegs, bar, and setup for the HCHBG at the end of the festival.

Signs are up and ready for the festival

During the festival, we poured homebrew for the participants.  The table next to ours freed up, as they quickly ran out of beer... so we moved some of the bottled beer to the new table.... the Dunerbrew beer.

The official Dunerbrew Cooler made it's debut.
Serving and talking craft beer.

A lot of the beers are well received by the participants, which can be quite rewarding.  Perhaps that is the best part of a festival, seeing others enjoy the fruits of your own brewing labor.

Continued...  Up next, Other Highlights

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