Thursday, February 7, 2013

Deland Craft Beer Festival this weekend.

What can you expect?  For starters, a lot of good craft beer.  Check out the beer list for the festival.

The fourth annual festival will be the largest ever, with 27 serving tables in two warehouses, almost double from last year.

In addition to commercial craft beers, two local brewers clubs will be present, the Volusia County Homebrewers Guild (of which I'm a part) and the Central Florida Homebrewers.  Each group will serve multiple homebrewed beers.  And most of the time, the homebrews are both excellent to drink as well as the most interesting.  S\I'd encourage you to seek out the homebrews table(s) next time you attend a festival.  If you will be in Deland this weekend, there will be 4 Dunerbrew / Galileo's Bane beers being poured.

The homebrewers will be happy to talk about the beer.  Thank them too, as the beer donated comes from their own stock, which cost money and time to create.  It's donated without any compensation (I wonder if it can count as a tax deductible donation).

What else should you know before attending a beer festival?  Check out some best practices and tips from our friends at BeerGeekSpeak.

Most importantly, come out this Saturday, and be sure to check out the Hoppy Valentine Bouquet, as part of the Valentine inspired brewing competition.  ;-)

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