Monday, February 25, 2013

Bottling the SMaSH this weekend

I was all ready to bottle Friday evening... until.  Broken spigot for the bottling bucket.  Ugh.  And of course it was too late to get to the store for a new one.  At least I hadn't started boiling the priming sugar yet.  It did force a "occupy movement" in the dishwasher though, as the bottles were put through the Sanitize cycle and I didn't want to do that over again.

So, it would have to wait until Saturday night.  In the mean time, I could drink a few and listen/watch some live music on the DVD player.

Saturday I was able to get the replacement spigot and bottle the Maris Otter and Centennial SMaSH beer.

The recipe is quite simple and the label is quite nice (if I don't say so myself).  Check out the label here on the Labels Page

It tasted quite nice too.  Can't wait for the carbonation.

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