Monday, January 14, 2013

Some of the basics of bottling homebrew

While it's not rocket science, when some first here about homebrewing, they are impressed that you actually bottle the beer.  Not sure why.  I guess they just never thought of it.

A quick You Tube search resulted in many videos on how to bottle beer.  So, I selected one, and here it goes.  It's worth the watch.  I found out something I didn't think about before, and do a few things different too.

I haven't experienced the bottling tip getting stuck, so I don't to the tap thing.  I guess once bitten, twice shy.

Using the dishwasher as a catch for splashes is a great idea, which I heard of before and began to utilize.  Even if very careful, there will be overflows.

I don't set anything on the floor.  We have too many animals... or should I say, our house isn't nearly as clean as his.

He didn't say anything about splashing while racking into the bottling bucket.  Also, for fear of oxygen, I fill 2 or 3 bottles and then cap them, going back and forth to limit the exposure.  Whether this matters much or not, it makes me feel like I can have better control.

I like the voice overs and the text on the screen... very helpful.  And the video is short and to the point.

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