Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Recipe, Dunerbrew #FF Hopped Wheat Ale

The genesis story of this recipe is as follows:
  • Day 1, an Australian brewery created and released a wheat ale called Mountain Goat Steam Ale.  
  • Day 2, People down under tasted and said it was good.  
  • Day 3, Someone devised a clone recipe for this fine brew.  
  • Day 4, @Galileosbane and @Martinpribble followed each other on Twitter and began several dialogues on various topics, including brewing.  
  • Day 5: @Martinpribble mentioned success with this particular clone recipe and shared the recipe with @Galileosbane.  
  • Day 6, Hop substitution, as the Homebrew Shop didn't have all the correct hops.  I also select pale ale two row instead of a darker base malt (recipe included extract).  
  • Day 7, Brew day.  
  • Day 8, (otherwise known as days 2-22) fermenting of the beer, followed by bottling.  
  • Day 9, Recipe posted on famous Dunerbrew blog while waiting for bottle conditioning.  (Nine days a week and no rest...dang)

Well that was fun, how about the recipe.  ...and a name?

DUnerbrew #FF Hopped Wheat Ale, American Wheat Ale
Final Volume: 3.25 Gallons     OG: 1.045     FG: 1.008     ABV: 4.9%    IBU:50

4.5lbs American Two Row
1.5lbs Light Wheat Malt
0.5oz NZ Motueka, 6.7% (60 min)0.375oz NZ Super Alpha, 12.9% (30 min)
,5oz Cascade, 5% (flame out)
.5oz Citra, 14.6% (flame out)
.375oz NZ Super Alpha, 12.9% (flame out)
US-05 (dry yeast packet)

Initial impression:  Highly hoppy with aroma and flavor, too much Citra perhaps.  Strong grapefruit flavors.  Not a lot of maly balance.  Color, piss yellow,

Hopes and aspirations:  With carbonation, this could be a very effervescent, flavorful, light and refreshing beer.  One to drink while mowing the lawn on a fine spring FL day.

Verdict:  Pending.

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