Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bottling photos from tonight. Check it out!!!

I usually don't bottle beer on a Tuesday night, but when I do, I take photos and post on the blog.

Final Gravity, 1.016
Looks good and tastes good
Sanitized bottles in the dishwasher

Sanitized bottle caps after boiling for 10 minutes
Priming sugar, post 10 minute boil


Racking to the bottling bucket, mixing with priming sugar
Bottling setup over the dishwasher

And this is where I stopped taking the photos.  Sorry, nothing showing the capped bottles.  I know you are disappointed, so here is a photo of lots of bottles in the closet.

 Included in this photo are homebrewed Maibock, Strong Ale, Stout, American Wheat, and the newest English Pale Ale.  ...and a few other choice commercial beers.


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