Saturday, December 29, 2012

What is brewing today: English Pale Ale Recipe

It's bugging me because my recipe doesn't seem to fit where I think it aught to, in the Extra Special Bitter (English Pale Ale) category.  My original gravity is too high, and the IBUs are on the low end for the category (at least according to the BJCP style)... and here I'm hoping to make the perfect English Pale Ale.  At the same time, what are categories for except to help define the style, and if not brewed for competition, does it really matter anyway?

The intent was to mimic Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale, which is slightly higher in alcohol content than the standard ESB.  Untappd has it listed as a "Winter Ale" style.  It is good, and very English tasting, and mine should be similar.

Keep in mind, the recipe below was configured for for 3.25 gallon final volume, for basically a 3 gallon batch.

Dunerbrew Inkling's Ale, English Pale Ale
Final Volume: 3.25 Gallons     OG: 1.064     FG: 1.019 (estimated)    ABV: 6%    IBU: 32

7.25lbs British Pale
0.6lbs British Crystal 60L
0.4lbs British Crystal 15L
0.75oz Kent Goldings, 5% (60 min)
0.25oz Kent Goldings, 5% (10 min)
0.25oz Fuggles, 5% (10 min)
0.5oz Kent Goldings, 5% (1 min)
Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale

I don't have a label yet for this brew and only came up with the idea for the name today.  I figure this ale will taste very much like those drank by Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, and Barfield all those years ago at The Eagle And Child. 

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