Saturday, December 8, 2012

What are you brewing this weekend?

This is a shout out to all the brewers out there.  It may be a little late to brew something which will actually be ready for Christmas, but you could possibly squeeze another batch in to be ready for New Years.  Myself, I've got nothing new on the immediate brewing horizon.

What are you brewing this weekend?  Or, what have you brewed for the holiday season?

Me?  I have several things in process.

  • Apotheosis Porter (all grain version):  It has been bottled about a month now, and I'm hoping the flavors to really mature over the next seversl weeks.
  • Severus Strong Ale: Bottled this week.  It may be ready for the first try by Christmas.  This is another one that will improve with age.
  • Dunerbrew Stout:  In primary fermentation at this time.  This was brewed two weeks ago.  I may rack to secondary this weekend, or may just leave in primary for another week before bottling.
  • Cider:  This has been a work in progress since before Thanksgiving.  It has continued to ferment, though slow.  I'm waiting for terminal gravity before bottling, and it may be close.  Possibly bottle-ready this weekend.
  • Mead:  My first attempt at a mead, a single gallon batch.  This will be ready to test the gravity soon, and possibly rack to a new carboy.  Ready for Christmas 2013, or 2014.
After a few darker and higher gravity beers, I'm ready for a simple ESB to brew next.  I'm looking for something Old Thumper-ish.

Whether you will brew or not this holiday season, I wish you happy drinking and a most happy Christmas.  The time goes by quickly... enjoy every moment you can.


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