Sunday, December 23, 2012

Morning Conversations

While drinking our coffee this morning, I put on some streaming music.  What will it be for today?  I'm too tired still for anything really hard or heavy, so why not the Rock Ballads channel?  The first song is INXS, Never Tear Us Apart.  

"This was our Senior Prom song," says my wife.  "Do you know what our Jr. Prom song was?"

"Richard Marx," says I.

"How did you know?  Hold On to The Night."

"Because that was everybody's Prom song."

Am I wrong?

On another more important note, I realize this post falls outside the standard theme here.  At the same time, today marks the 90th day of consecutive posts.  Where else will you get consistent content like this?  So be sure to lift your beer glass high today, and say, "To Dunerbrew!" real loud three times before drinking.  If it sounds silly, don't worry, I'll be doing the same thing.


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