Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cider Gravity update

My first attempt at a hard cider has proven a much slower process than anticipated.  It's been in the carboy fermenting for I don't know how many weeks now.  Gravity started just over 1.051 and slowed at 1.040, until I added some brown sugar and corn sugar and a fresh dose of Champagne yeast.  I removed it from the temp controlled refrigerator and set on the kitchen counter.

For last update regarding the history of this cider, check it our here.  (The full story will consist of several posts.  The search bar at the top right of the blog can be very useful too.  Simply search for cider.)

At any rate, I've watched it bubble slowly now for at least another week, and the gravity is indeed lowering.  1.022 now, and it is very tart in flavor...  still with sweetness.

The goal is for a dry cider.  I'm looking for a 1.000 reading on the hydrometer.  Perhaps add more fermentables, and more yeast?  (Insert the Tim the Tool Man Taylor laugh here)

Note:  I'm looking too for some input from someone with more cider experience here. :-)

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