Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bottled in time for Christmas

The third all grain batch is now in the bottle.  This was the highest gravity beer I've done, at OG of 1.081 and FG at 1.014, it is every bit of 9%.  And at bottling it sure tasted like it.  Hopefully the alcohol heat will die down as this ages. I'm a little fearful... but you know what they say, RDWHAHB.  Ready for Christmas?  We'll have to see.

And if you look at the photo, you'll notice the sexy looking bottles, and cool labels.  Most of these will be gifts this year. (Though my wife says nobody wants beer for Christmas.... I don't get it.  I want beer for Christmas!)   I was able to score a dozen 16.9oz Weihenstephaner bottles from the local Homebrew Shop (Thanks Aaron!).  They are the ones on the right side of the photo.  With the stickers off, they are nice looking bottles.  After all, who wouldn't one with with  9% ABV beer inside?

Last night I had some inspiration for the name and label of this beer.  You can now see it here too, on the Beer Labels page.

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