Friday, November 9, 2012

Three from One...

...continued  (See here for the background if you missed it.)

This batch of Porter will become three different variations.

1. Bottled as it.  The raw Apotheosis Porter.  This smelled and tasted fantastic, and it just didn't seem right not to bottle as brewed.  I bottled just over 1.5 gallons without any additions.

2. Java Porter:  I cold brewed some coffee (see below for details) and simply added the coffee to the bottling bucket, gently stirred it to mix in with the beer, and continued to bottle the remaining gallons.

3. This is three of the four gallons I started with.  The fourth is in the single gallon carboy
For this variety, I added some cherry flavor to the beer, for a Cherry Porter.  The local Homebrew Shop actually was giving away some of these flavors, with the promise to share a few beers with them.  This is a way to see if the flavoring is any good, and to get a sense for the results.  The recipe calls for 4-5 ounces per 5 gallons.  I did some math and conversions, and this equated to two tablespoons per gallon.  For fear of creating cough syrup beer, I halved the recommended dose and placed only 1 tablespoon into the single gallon batch.  Swirl it around, add the priming sugar and bottle away.

In a few weeks, I'll get the chance to try all three.

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