Friday, November 2, 2012

Food Highlights Part 2

Several days ago I posted a blog about some of the delicious food from the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.  Feel free to check it out here and then come back, or simply read on.

4. Taste of Scandinavia, from...well, Scandinavia.  This dish consists of four types of fish, smoked salmon, something else, something else, and some shrimp in white type sauce.  Pretty tasty and the unleavened bread cracker helped to clean the palate between fish.  It grossed the wife out, but I truly enjoyed it.

5. From Morocco, we tried the Kefka Pocket and a sausage chicken roll  While satisfying, these were far from the most exotic of foods.  The pocket is like a hamburger wrapped in a pita pocket, and in the bottom resides some lettuce and parsley (I think.)  The chicken sausage egg roll thing wasn't bad.  A little greasy and spicy, but who's complaining.

6. From Germany comes my favorite.  Sausage in a pretzel roll.  You can have all kinds of fun talking about this particular food.  But in reality, how can you go wrong, with a nice German sausage and a pretzel.  Dip it in the mustard, and suck it down.  It goes well too with beer...just about any beer.  But what better beer than an Ocktoberfest to pair with this fine specimen.

Well, there you go.  Some of the food sampling from one day at the Food and Wine Festival.

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