Monday, November 12, 2012

As fresh as hops can get...

Plucked from the bine, shipped overnight to the brewery, then shipped to me (through the three tier distribution system, of course).  Aside from the hop farm and brewery sharing the same land, this is a fresh as it can get... at least in the world of hops and beer.  These fresh hop are what is referred to as wet hops.

I'm presently drinking the Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest.  This is a "wet hop" IPA.  This beer is smooth, with strong hop notes.  Fresh hops nonetheless.  Very resiny and flavorful, from start to finish.  I feel as though I'm in the field and can almost taste the northern autumn sunshine and crisp breezes in these flavors.  A nice hoppy bitter, along with flavor and aroma abound.  This beer is a deep golden color, with a bright white head which lingers throughout.

This is a fantastic beer, bittered with Centennial hops, with flavor and aroma (late additions) provided by both Centennial and Cascade.  At 6.7% ABV, the 24 oz bottle makes for a nice relaxing evening (it's like two for one).  The Sierra Nevade page gives some additional detail.  Gotta love the Centennial, and it just wouldn't quite be an American IPA without the Cascades... Hey, if they work, right?

If you find this beer, it is a worthwhile purchase.  And while you are at it, consider purchasing two... or more.

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