Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Beer A Day...

For a quick resource and reference, I did a quick Google search on "a beer a day" to see what kind of articles I would find on beer and health.  There were a few interesting finds.

This report titled Three Beers A Day Keep The Doctor Away mentions some of the benefits of drinking beer.

Here is one from The Telegraph, stating that a Pint a day is the recipe for health.

This article in is worth checking out as well.

In a nutshell... beer is good for you.  It is natural, non-fat, and packed full of nutrients.  (Sounds good, huh?)  But the warning is not to drink too much (of course).

Myself... I try to have at least two days during the week when I don't drink.  Why?  I guess it helps me realize that I don't need it and that I really only enjoy it.  I limit the weeknights to just one beer generally, and save the weekends for enjoying the further benefits of beer.

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