Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brewing Competition Beers

I'm bound and determined to achieve another victory at the next Homebrewing competition.  Going all in, with 5 beers, two of which were first and second place in the last competition, should put me in a good spot.

At the same time, who knows though.  At worst, I'll get feedback.  For those interested, these are the beers.

  • O = Oktoberfest-Marzen lager.  My first lager, and pretty tasty, with nice caramel notes.
  • ND = This is the Specialty Beer, with barley, honey, and white grape juice.  This came in second place at the last competition.
  • P = Porter, the Apotheosis Porter, which did win previously.  We'll see if this really is close to the "perfect porter".
  • S = This is the Saison, first ever all grain brew for me.  There are no added spices.  Just grains, hops and yeast.
  • Oak = This is the same Porter, with a month of aging in American Oak chips.
Results and comments to come.  The event is on November 10th, so I should know something that weekend, I hope.


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