Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gravity on my Saison

My first all grain beer is a Saison, and it has been in primary for 9 days now.  OG was (ugh, I just realized I didn't write down the OG)...  Let's go with 1.058.  I was aiming for 1.060, but I remember being a bit shy of the target.  On day 4 I added .5lb of cane sugar, which should have added .004 to the gravity at the 3.5 gallons.  So, if I'm correct the effective gravity of the beer should be 1.062, which isn't to bad, actually.

Today's gravity read 1.012.  According to BJCP, the FG for a Saison should be between 1.002-1.012.  My 1.012 doesn't seem dry enough yet.  The course of action will be to wait until the weekend, day 14 in the fermentor, and check again.  If not lower, I have some Wyeast 1056 in the refrigerator, which I could add to it. 

Carboy in the Dark Closet
I would normally rack to secondary, and this one calls for dry hops too.  The only problem is that all my other vessels are being used lagering a Maibock.  I may have to keep this in primary for the duration.

With the lager in the spare refrigerator, the Saison is sitting happily in the closet, in the 79 degree house.  I'm told the Belgian styles will handle the warmer temperatures more.

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