Friday, September 28, 2012

Brewing Competition

I'm rather excited.  I've entered my first homebrews into a competition which will take place tomorrow.  The competition at the 2nd Annual Daytona Beerfest will feature 4 different beers brewed by yours truly.

I have no idea what to really expect.  I believe some are good, and I hope for respectable comments from the judges.  To be honest, I hope to win!  It is not a BJCP competition, so basically anything goes, I guess.  Here is what I've submitted, along with a few comments of my own.

1. Independence Ale 2012:  This is an American Pale Ale, with Citra Hops for aroma.  I brewed it specifically for the annual July 4th get together at the beach.  It is rather bold in flavor with some real citrus overtones...perfect for a beach day in Florida.  I expect they will like this beer.

2. Isis Imperial:  An Imperial IPA, this is my third round with this beer, tweaking it slightly every time.  It includes several hoppings of Chinook, Centential, and Citra, with the Cascade for dry hops.  This is a well balanced beer.  I hope for good marks on this one...if it's not too old.

3. Eldorado:  I believe this is the most interesting.  Don't tell anyone it was designed as a clone for Dogfish Head Midas Touch though.  I was never sure about how this one turned out.  I bottled it in February, and it seems that this has improved with age.  I took it to the local HomeBrew shop and Aaron was nice enough to say he couldn't figure out that little weird flavor.  (I think it is just the saffron.)  This beer pours clear and has a beautiful gold color.  I have only one left, which is reserved for the next competition in November, unless the judges absolutely hate it.

4. Apotheosis Porter:  I'm not overly thrilled with the way this turned out.  I made two versions on this batch, and the one aged with oak chips rated higher with the comments at the last brew club meeting.  Of course, this wasn't the one I chose to submit.  I think there is an off flavor to it.  Or maybe that is just the way porters turn out when made with extract.  I haven't been overly fond of the way the darker beers turned out.  I tend to think a yeast starter would help.

Stay tuned and we'll see what the judges had to say.

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